My new blog

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Dear all,

Luxury is my hobby, but flowers are my passion. That is the reason why I have the pleasure to announce my new blog, where I’ll share with you my passion.

Loving flowers is a lifestyle.




Happy New Year !

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Hello, I wish you a happy New Year to those who have always been supporting my blog even though I’ve more or less abandoned it myself.
The end of 2008 was not favourable to the luxury industy, though everyone said at the beginning of the crisis that the luxury would be the only sector which could escape from this situation. And maybe in 2009 il would be more difficult. I’m wordering whether I should go to work in Switzerland.
Sometimes I think I am really unlucky. After 9 years of study at college (in China and in France), finally the moment comes for me to go into the work market, and then… My poor parents !
But I believe in life, which if full of magic.

Yes, I hope 2009 is a magic year.

Happy New Year ! Bonne année !


Bike Bamboo

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I have writen something about the fashion of using bamboo for the interior decoration, but this ecologic material is also used for others demains which can surprise us, like the bicycle.

This is not just a cool bike. It is appropriate for racing and for everyday use. The vibration damping is a performance advantage on longer rides, reducing fatigue and shock associated with carbon frames. Every frame is a unique. Bamboo tubes are selected for the weight of the rider and frames are guaranteed for 10 years.  

To buy :

Jean Patou

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Another Perfumery which worth being mentionned is Jean Patou. From 1925, the house of Jean Patou Paris has been home to four generations of Master Perfumers. One of the particularies of Jean Patou is their dedicated flower fields of rose and jasmine grown in Grasse, in the South of France. Jean Patou is also famous for its “Bijou” bottle created in 1929 for Joy by the celebrated architect, Louis Süe. All Jean Patou perfumes thereafter were captured in the elegant lines of the flacon. The stars of Jean Patou are Joy, Enjoy and Mille.

In 2004, Jean Patou relocated its “temple to haute parfumerie” to the rue de Castiglione, which is located just a few steps from the prestigious Place Vendôme. jean Patou has became the neighbour of Annick Goutal.

Actuelly, there is an exhibition named “Be sexy, Thank you” with 34 works of the photographer Gérard Uféras at the boutique of Jean Patou.

Jean Patou Perfumes Paris : 5, rue de Castiglione, 75001 Paris


The luxury of the luxury : II. perfumes

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People are more familier with the perfumes created by the haute couture brands (Chanl, Dior, YSL, etc.) than the traditionnal perfumers which are not distributed in the perfumery chains like Séphora and Marionnaud. There are really some perfumers which have the place in the area as the haute couture for the fashion. They have a long tradition of perfume and propose personnalized fragrants.


34, boulevard Saint Germain, 75005 Paris

Diptyque began production of their lusciously fragrant candles in 1961. The company has expanded the line over the years to include personal fragrances as well as fragrant products for bath and home. Renowned for their unisex-y, always edgy and modern herbal takes on the classics as well as for the products “brilliant and singularly distinctive alphabet-soup graphics, this line will be just as of-the-moment in 40 years as it is today – and as it was 40 years ago.


Annick Goutal

Annick Goutal’s secret lies in its talent for transforming emotions into fragrances. Each unique creation represents a moment of happiness, a treasured emotion, or a powerful memory connected to a significant event or even a loved one. The Annick Goutal house has established itself over the years as the brand favoured by those who prefer the authentic to the ostentatious and craftsmanship to mass production.

Nos boutiques   A Propos d'Annick Goutal


The luxury of the luxury : I. leather goods

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Paris is the capital of the luxury. But the luxury is not only the big brands that we can find on the Avenue Montaigne, or at le Bon Marché. Some traditionnel luxury brand do not never make advertising and so are not known by the pubic. Only those who have grown up in the luxury know these confidential addresses.

My four years in Paris and my attention to the luxury industy have led me to some of them. I really want to share these amazing experiences with you, my dear reader.

Let’s go first to the most leading makers of leather goods. Of course I will not tell you Louis Vuitton or Lancel or Hermès.

La Maison Goyard

The 150-year-old Maison is today the favourite luggage-maker of the international set. As proof of its prestige, aristocratic famillies would request their Goyard luggage be marked with their own coats of arms. Their clients included the Royal Court of England, the President of the United States and the Emperor of Russia. Now the Maison’s produts vary from trunks to animals articles. Clients can also make special orders like small tea kit trunk, polo equipement trunk or Baccarat glasses trunk, with personalisation.

Goyard: 223, rue Saint-Honoré, 75001 Paris


La Maison Massaro

Do you want to be one step ahead of the rest? Step out elegantly and walk tall with tailor-made shoes!” So says Karl Lagerfeld, who is a loyal customer of Massaro, the great bootmaker.

For the Countess of Bismark, the Duchess of Windsor, Elizabeth Taylor and others personnages, shoes were not merely another acccessory; they were an expression of their desire to set themselves apart – a mark of prestige and elegance.

Raymond Massaro designs and produces shoes for the Chanel Haute Couture fashion shows as well as working for famous names such as Christian Dior, Joan Galliano, Gianfranco Ferré, Olivier Lapidus, Thierry Mugler, Azzedine Alaïa… And above all, he deals with a great number of orders for tailor-made shoes.

Massaro : 2, rue de la Paix, 75002 Paris


Bamboo fashion

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By necessity of responding to the trend of ecology, a new material is more and more used in home decoration : bamboo. Utilised for multiple purposes in Asia for more than 4000 years, bamboo eventually starts becoming known in Occident.  The fashion of Asia has accelarated the trend and the ecology movement is the determinative element.

New brands specailized in bamboo based products are created.

Like Bamboo Touch (, which “proposes an ecological alternative of wood in the field of building and interior decoration”. The products of Bamboo Touch vary from parquets to furniture accessories. the brand offers new unique solutions for floor-covering, wall-covering and joinery.

bambootouch production     

Or like Ekobo (, which offers over 300 decoration, kitchen and crockery products in fruity colors and various finishes, all in bamboo.



These brands choose bamboo, for reasons of aesthetics, ecology and ethics. Bamboo is an exemplary plant. Because:

– Bamboo doesn’t only grow fast…it grows very fast. It is a natural renewable resource that grows twice as fast as a tree. Certain species can grow up to 1meter par day.

– Bamboo recycles a huge quantity of CO2 (12 tons/hectare) and produces 35% more oxygen than a tree in the same environment.

– Bamboo grows naturally without pesticides, fertilizer or herbicides. It is both rustic and resistant.

– Bamboo grows in all four corners of the world. It nourished, clothes, and is a source of income for more than 2 billion people worldwide.