I laughed today when I saw my text “about” below, but I do not intend to delete what I wrote one year ago. Only I wouldn’t say the same thing today.

Student at CELSA (the best communication school in France, which depends on the Sorbonne University) this year, I’m switching my career from communication to marketing and branding. But what I really wish to do in life is to create my own luxury brand of … (still a secret) in China.


“I a Chinese student in Paris. Arrived in this Capital of romantisme, of art, of luxury four years ago, I didn’t have the least idea of working in the univers of the Luxury. I didn’t even know what the life would prepare for me.

I had a Bachelor’s Degree on Advertising at Peking University, one of the most famous universities in China. And then like a great number of Chinese students, I wanted to go abroad realizing my dream of studing in a foreign country. But my first and unique choice was the France, the country of my dream. I have had learned the French for two years at University as a minor when I departed in october 2003.

This was the first time I took the plane and left my parents. I did not realize the reality that was watiting for me, I was so exited by the adventure. When I think to the first day I lauched in Paris, I feel other person inside of me, I am not any more the naive girl fell in a strange world.”


4 Responses to “About”

  1. 🙂

  2. hello, by pure luck I found you here. I am Jason Li from California USA. I graduated from Qinghua University before. I work in California after my stdy here. I am coming to Paris in about 10 days for a brief trip by myself. I hope if possible, we can meet in Paris and share our differnt experience in France and USA. If you are interested, please write me to wemba_li@yahoo.com.

    Best regards

    Jason Li

  3. Anne, I got your email. I was on travel. I wrote you several emails. Please check them and reply me. I will be Paris Nov. 21st. See you in Paris, Jason

  4. Hello,

    I work at an agency in Paris and would like to know if you could send us your CV.

    We are looking for someone who speaks English or Franch and Chinese for a mission in our agency.

    If you are interested, please send us your CV as soon as possible. We shall then check your references and call you back shortly for a meeting.

    If this offer does interest you, please contact : carla.henny@heaven.fr

    Kind regards,


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